Maintenance Technician

Posted on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, 1:55pm

Location: ICI CampbellRhea Tennessee Campus
Department: Maintenance
Type: Full-Time


To be responsible for the mechanical and electrical maintenance of plant equipment and facilities at ICI Incorporated.

To assist, in conjunction with others, with the optimization of the manufacturing processes required at our facility to produce our caseworks products to the standards of service and quality required by ICI and its customers.


  • To be responsible for mechanical and electrical maintenance issues needed regarding equipment and facilities.
  • Undertake scheduled maintenance, breakdown repair, and condition monitoring activities of plant and equipment.
  • Report to operations staff on machine status during maintenance procedures.
  • To attend and contribute to team meetings regarding safety, maintenance, production, and other departmental meetings as needed that may have maintenance concerns or require maintenance team input.
  • Proactively identify and implement continuous improvements to operational and resource efficiencies while being considerate of impact on other departments.
  • Constantly look to identify ways to improve costs by streamlining operations.
  • Responsible for safe, clean, and hazard free working environment.
  • Work, as needed, with our Union City, TN, location on projects that are outside their ability should they request our assistance due to manpower or skillset.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and work to set an example for others to follow regarding conversation and appearance.  Set a high standard for cooperation in the workplace.



Two to three years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.


Medical, Dental, Vision, and 401k.

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