The Nickerson Corporation wins ICI’s Top Dealer Award

2015 CornerStone Dealer - Nickerson Corporation

For the third year in a row, The Nickerson Corporation is the recipient of ICI’s Top Dealer Award!

They are once again, ICI’s CornerStone Dealer!

An additional twenty-five dealers were awarded our traditional Foundation Dealer glass brick. A large group of ICI dealers, delivering a minimum of $1,000,000.00 to well over $4,000,000.00 in Orders Received, are further recognized with an ICI engraved plaque.

ICI is proud to recognize more dealers than ever before, as “ICI Million Dollar+ Dealers”!

ICI’s Winning-est Dealers 2015

The Nickerson Corporation For THREE years in a row, our #1 top dealer!!

  • Haldeman - Homme
  • Carroll Seating
  • Laboratory By Design
  • Laboratory Builders & INSTOCK Labs
  • Steve Ward & Associates
  • Reed Associates
  • Blankenship Associates
  • Steel Products
  • Farnham Equipment Company
  • Indeco Sales
  • The Atlas Companies
  • Gleeson Construction
  • STEM Solutions
  • DECO Associates
  • Norlab Lab Systems
  • Architectural Arts
  • Lance Services
  • H E Hodge
  • George Goddard
  • Farnell Contracting
  • LF Systems
  • Garner & Associates
  • Lab Design & Equipment
  • RM Huffman
  • Institutional Products

President Jim Arthurs presents CornerStone Dealer Award to Stephanie Keller, The Nickerson Corporation