ICI Isolator Fume Hoods

Presenting the ICI ISOLATOR Series   Isolator logo

Since 1945

The ISOLATOR combines the newest innovations in fume hood design with accepted architectural practices to achieve the most unique approach to fume containment in the world. Many of our standard features cannot be found on other fume hoods. The ISOLATOR’s most outstanding attribute is safety.

The ICI Scientific Isolator fume hood provides a variety of important features compared to a number of competing brands in the market. With a dizzying array of models to choose from, ICI Scientific should be your primary source to meet your chemical exhaust needs.


  • Frame Construction: ICI uses structural pan ends and 6” straps to erect the fume hood superstructure which allows the liners to be replaced without deconstructing the fume hood. This also enables the ICI hood to be “knocked down” should field conditions or other factors require that. Most other hoods on the market use metal channel frame construction or angle brackets which require the lining being an integral part of the support method for the hood superstructure.
  • View Panel: ICI provides a view panel at the top of the hood allowing users to see what is happening inside the entire hood without having to stoop down to see critical processes. In addition, this allows more light into the fume hood, increasing safety. This is not a standard feature on most other brands although it may be an option for some.
  • Line of Sight: ICI provides a significantly larger line of sight due to the view panel described above. 
  • Sash Drive: ICI uses a chain and sprocket sash drive which comes with a lifetime warranty. These drives are virtually fail-proof as opposed to the cable and pulley drives on most fume hoods. Tested in excess of 1 million cycles without fail.
  • Sash Glass: ICI uses tempered glass as a standard which is seven times more resilient from impact than laminated safety glass. Tempered sash glass will not crack or discolor under heat.
  • Access Panels: ICI provides overlay and positive lock fire containment access panels which offer a more reliable seal than standard gasketed panels. It eliminates the possibility of falling out of position and becoming a “chimney” during a fire as a standard gasketed access panel could.
  • Duct Collar: ICI provides a round stainless steel duct collar at the top of the fume hood facilitating a simpler transition into the mechanical systems while minimizing drop at the fume hood.
  • Shallow Airfoil Posts: ICI’s posts (or side walls) for all of their standard fume hoods are flat with an integral airfoil edge, providing a shallower hood exterior frame. The posts are 5” thick creating more usable workspace inside the fume hood. This shallow footprint frees up valuable realestate in the lab space from a space-planning standpoint.
  • Certifications: ICI Isolator fume hoods are UL/CSA 1805 listed, ASHRAE 110 certified, are SEFA 1 certified, and meet or exceed SEFA 8 chemical resistance standards.